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The Legacy Fund™  Program

The Issue

 Many Cities and Counties have  escalating employee benefit costs...

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The Issue

In these times of reduced revenue and increased employee benefit and retiree costs, many Cities and Counties are seeking revenue alternatives. Most Tennessee Cities and Counties are experiencing ever-increasing employee benefit costs. Health insurance premiums continue to increase. Often, raising taxes to pay for increased benefit costs, or reducing benefits as a way to cut costs, are common options considered by Cities and Counties. However, the Legacy Fund™  Program is another option for funding employee benefits. 

Consider the following reports (click on the link below):

The Trillion Dollar Gap- Underfunded State Retirement Systems and The Roads to Reform

Credit Suisse GASB - Uncovering $1.5 Trillion in Hidden OPEB Liabilities for State and Local Governments CREDIT SUISSE, March 2007

The Solution

​The Legacy Fund™ Program solves the problem by...