The Solution

The Legacy Fund™ Program is an option to create an additional revenue source for the purpose of funding various employee benefits. For decades the business and banking world have funded employee benefits with this type of program.

The benefits of the Legacy Fund™ Program for Cities and Counties include:  

  • Can save taxpayer money.
  • A legacy program for the future which will benefit City and County employees and taxpayers.
  • Create funds to pay for employee benefits such as health insurance premiums.  
  • Enhances the overall financial stability of the City or County.  
  • May reduce the need to increase taxes to fund increasing employee benefits costs.  
  • May maintain future benefits without the need to make cuts.  
  • Is cost‐effective so the budget is NOT necessarily negatively impacted.
  • Has potentially less risk relative to other funding options.

The Tennessee Comptroller has reviewed this program and it is in compliance with Tennessee state law.

The Issue

 Many Cities and Counties have  escalating employee benefit costs..... 

The Solution

The Legacy™ Fund solves the problem by...

Smoky Mountain National Park

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The Legacy Fund™ Program